blue horizon Foundation

It was time to take action

Headquarters: Los Angeles/CA, USA




We wanted to do our part and create a movement that would have a significant impact on the earth, the animals and our health. It was time to take action.



The blue horizon Foundation is disrupting the world’s reliance on animal based food. Along with investing into companies and products that are catalysts for change in the plant-based revolution, the blue horizon Foundation is working to transform the source, the food itself being created on the farms, and by doing so the market for food itself will be changed. farm transformers is inspiring the world to join forces in saving millions of animals by transforming animal farms to plant based operations while sharing educational resources regarding sustainable food and agriculture.



  • Saving millions of animals
  • Using innovative methods and technology for sustainable food source solutions
  • Creating a blueprint and structure for other farmers to transform
  • Saving millions of gallons of water
  • Globally connecting mission aligned people to progress the plant-based movement

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: