Heidi Ho

Cheese creating change

Headquarters: Portland/Oregon, USA




Heidi Ho produces delicious plant-based cheezes by using quality ingredients that are BPA, gluten and soy-free and certified USDA Organic. It embraces economic freedom and voluntary exchange combined with social and environmental consciousness.



Heidi Ho is mission-driven with the goal to be the cheese that creates the change. Currently, the company offers 5 different cheezes: Creamy, Spicy, and Smoky Chia, made with vegetables, nuts, and chia seeds; and Ne Chèvre Pure and Black Lava, made from live cultured cashews.



  • Cooperating with organic farmers, their families, organic farmland and biodiversity
  • Offering a milk-free cheese alternative
  • Creating products that are healthier for customers and the planet

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: