Seattle Food Tech

Large scale novel food

Headquarters: Seattle, WA, USA




Seattle Food Tech (SFT) is dedicated to developing plant-based meat production as a lower priced alternative to animal-based food. Currently, plant-based meat is around 2-5 times the costs per pound of an animal-based product. SFT’s goal is to change that by offering low-cost, plant-based meat at high volumes through specifically designed low-cost products, use of high-throughput manufacturing automation, and new, innovative low-energy manufacturing tools.


SFT manufactures plant-based meat at costs comparable to conventional meat. It recently developed its first product: plant-based chicken nuggets that are not only affordable, but also healthy, humane and sustainable. SFT implements novel food manufacturing methods in large-scale production through R&D with universities and several facilities. By working closely with industry partners – most of whom already serving the meat industry – SFT is on the way to achieving the goal for affordable, competitive meat alternatives.



  • Decreasing costs and therefore price of plant-based meat alternatives
  • Making animal-free meat available to everyone
  • Helping and supporting people change their plate from meat to plants
  • Proving that affordable plant-based products can be developed and produced on a large scale

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: