We Are Good News

News with benefits

Headquarters: Los Angeles, USA




Good news changes the world. In today’s news, much of the information is negative. But there are so many great things happening due to amazing, engaged people and new, disruptive technology and ideas. We want to share good news about plant-based food and improving welfare for our planet, people’s health and the animals.



The world not only needs to be fed with healthy, sustainable, plant-based food, but also with inspiring, positive news. Especially in today’s world, where bad news often overwhelms our media, We Are Good News is a platform where people can read current and exciting stories that are changing the world for the better. We Are Good News focuses on plant-based food, animal welfare, sustainable innovations, economic justice and social projects. Blue Horizon is working on the forefront of these topics and we experience a lot of positive power in our world as well, as many changes for the benefit of the earth, our health and the animals who are living with us. This information platform gives readers a gleam of hope that we all can make a change. Let’s share the Good News that real change is happening!



  • Inspiring people to see and get involved into the good
  • Bringing visibility to change leaders and impact projects
  • Motivating others to take action and share their stories
  • Building a movement that rewards positive action and inspiration